DNA Theatre - Wit in Love
Paula Citron

Hillar Liitoja continues to be the most eccentric man of theatre in Toronto.  His latest venture is WIT IN LOVE adapted from Sky Gilbert’s eponymous novel.  “Wit” is the iconic 20th century analytical philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who forever changed the world view of logic, mathematics and language.

The show is a performance installation that takes place in Liitoja’s kitchen, with Liitoja acting both parts of Wit and his musical brother Paul.  As conceived by Liitoja and collaborator Magdalena Vasko, symbolism is anchored in women’s panties festooning a criss-cross of clotheslines, while a table, behind which Liitoja sits, is embedded with 21 knives.

Wit is visiting his brother, and perhaps the most poignant undertone of the dialogue is that even great philosophers must cope with dysfunctional families.  Brother Paul, it seems, knows how to push Wit’s weakness buttons, but Wit also finds inner strength by the end. 

The intriguing WIT IN LOVE continues in the kitchen at DNA Theatre / Liitoja’s house until Dec. 13.


Classical 96.3

December 7, 2009